This is the fourth post in the series if you have not read the other post please consider to do so. Now that we have the NAV and master web service up and running let us take a look at creating a mobile app, to make everything more user friendly. There are a lot of frameworks out there to help you write mobile apps, the one which I have worked the most with is Xamarin, but be warned I am no expert in writing mobile apps. So this post will show you how I work with Xamarin, if you would like to create your own mobile apps I would highly recommend reading up on Xamarin here. The great thing about Xamarin is that all your code is written in C# in one project which you then can compile to native code for Android, iOS and UWP. Keep in mind however that if you wish to compile your for code for iOS then you will need a Mac. Besides Xamarin, I also use a framework on top called prisim, to help take care of many of the things need to use MVVM, and once again if this is an area that interest you i can suggest this blog for you To get started with prism I would recommend that you install the template pack form … Read more.

Now since Xamarin or rather mobile development can quickly become very complicated, especially if you have not programmed much in C#. Then I will try to keep everything very simple and not go into too much detail in this post. As all ways you can find all my code on GIT HUB.

I will assume that you have installed Visual Studio and the project types need for mobile development, so what you have to do is create a new project of type Prism Blank App.

This will setup everything you need to get started with your mobile project, since we will be working with Json data your should install nugget package for Newtonsoft.Json, this is done by right clicking on you project choosing Manage NuGet Packages and search for JSON

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