In this post we will take a look at code signing, this post is going to be very short since there really is not much to code signing your app, the biggest part is actually getting your certificate which you will have to buy from a third party vendor, once you have bought the certificate you need to create a PFX version of it.  

When you have your PFX file you can use docker to sign your app to do this copy your app file and your pfx file to your navcontainerhelper folder C:\ProgramData\NavContainerHelper\Extensions\{ContainerName}\my and run the following PowerShell command: 

$password = ConvertTo-SecureString -String 'Password' -AsPlainText -Force 

$appfile = "C:\ProgramData\NavContainerHelper\Extensions\ car \my\ Fredborg_Extreme" 

$pff = "C:\ProgramData\NavContainerHelper\Extensions\ car \my\certificate.pfx"; 


Sign-NavContainerApp -appFile $appfile -pfxFile $pdf -pfxPassword $password -containerName car 

And that is it, your app file is now signed.  

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